I’ve sat on this question for quite some time. Heck, I’ve even questioned this for years and had hours of discussion on this topic alone. What does it mean to be a worship guitarist? What’s your role? What do you avoid? Can’t I just give you a simple definition that everyone can agree to?

Worship Guitar

What is worship guitar?


I really can’t. And that may surprise you, but it really comes down to the fact that every guitarist I’ve come across has varying opinions on what their role is. What is worship guitar to some leaders in the worship community?

When it comes to why we need to really worship, my buddy Bryon Bos put it this way: “Worship. Really worship. Because when someone is ‘just watching’, they ARE watching – watching to see if it’s real to us.”

Here’s how I approach the topic in a somewhat simple explanation. A worship guitarist puts aside all ego and desire to “show off” to assist in creating an experience that brings a congregation or community closer to experiencing God in worship.

Think about this for a second. Really let that set in.

What is NOT Worship Guitar?

If you’ve been to a few church services in your life, you may have seen the lead guitarist that is a bit louder than the rest of the group with the obvious intent to show off their knowledge of scales by playing said scale as quickly as possible.

Don’t be this person. Quite frankly, this kind of desire to show off is rude. Rude to the congregation and can potentially be viewed as sinful. Now THAT is a topic in itself that may stir up differing opinions but the bottom line remains. Don’t be this person. It does nothing but hurt the overall worship experience. It’s distracting.

I want to examine the second part of my definition. Worship guitarists are called to create an experience that brings a community closer to God in worship. That never ceases to blow my mind. Who am I to be called to create this sort of experience? An experience that’s life changing. An experience that can move. An overall beautiful experience.

When you’re called, you’re called. Don’t ever put that aside as just a crazy nagging feeling that won’t go away. If you’re called, you’re called.

Now that we’ve discussed what worship guitar is, it’s time to ask ourselves: “Why do we worship?” We’ll continue this series soon.