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Everything Rad Podcast #6 – Josh Bandy of Elevator Union / Little Climbers

I’ve known Josh Bandy for nearly a decade. And I’ve been fortunate enough to play some really great music with him. And I can say that and feel no guilt because Josh himself has always been the songwriter and I’ve just thrown noise over it and called it a day.

When I first got a job in Orange County, my wife and I decided we wanted to live in Tustin. I love small towns, and the particular section of Tustin we live in (Old Town) has tons of cool stuff in walking distance. It’s extremely important to me that we can walk a couple of blocks and grab a beer.

I knew Josh lived in the area and having not seen or played in a band with him in about 5 years, i figured I would hit him up and see exactly where he lived in Orange County. Turns out he lived a few blocks away. This was about 3 years ago and the beginning of the latest project we worked on – Little Climbers.

Everything Rad Podcast - Josh Bandy

Now, I know it’s been some time since I’ve uploaded a podcast, but Josh was the perfect person to get back in the groove of doing this. I had an interesting summer. I lost a job. I gained a new job and spent about 3 months getting in the groove of that schedule. It’s been tough but I’m happy with where I’m at.

In this episode, Josh and I do some pretty heavy catching up – discussing about his move to become a high school teacher, chatting about the recording process for Little Climbers, and what it’s like to be an adult balancing a ton of things at one time.

To get a feel for how Josh and I have collaborated in recent years, here’s the music video we shot for Little Climber’s single “Heavy & Light.”

Touche Amore – Displacement (A Discussion)

Touche Amore has blown me away as a band since I first discovered them opening up for Thursday in 2009 at The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles. I walked in a little too late. They were finishing up their set with “Honest Sleep” and I remember being shocked that this band I was unfamiliar with had 25+ kids on stage screaming as loud as they could.

I was hooked. I haven’t looked back since.

See, I’m a fan of Thursday and the reason behind my obsession is not only timing (I was 12-13 when I picked up Full Collapse), but the urgency in what’s being said when I sing along. I had not found a band that had sounded so urgent in a long time. Hearing Touche’s first demo was similar to the experience I had when I first heard Full Collapse. I knew it was special.

Touche Amore Displacement

Touche Amore has since released 3 outstanding full-length records. They’ve each grown in maturity on exponential levels. I’ve shared moments from time to time with Jeremy Bolm, singer of Touche Amore, and expressed how blown away I was at the level of maturity coming out with each release. “Is Survived By” is one of my favorite records if you’d like to check it out.

3 years later and we’re months away from the release of album four titled “Stage Four.” The album is about the loss of Jeremy’s mother to cancer.

I remember struggling with the fact that I follow Jeremy on social media and witnessed some very personal posts. Posts saying goodbye to his mother. Posts at her funeral. It felt too personal.

Yet, this album is the ultimate heart on his sleeve. I can’t imagine the experience of opening up on a topic this personal. But I do know that it will help countless people cope with something they’re going through and that’s a beautiful thing.

This song Displacement is one of the most personal things I’ve ever heard. Check it out and pre-order the album. I have a feeling “Stage Four” is going mature in exponential terms once again.

Everything Rad Podcast #5 – Michael Estrada of Be Still Kid

Michael Estrada (Be Still Kid, The Vice Versa) sits down to discuss growing up in Horsetown, USA, President Bush, and his new project Be Still Kid. We also discuss Thursday in length, his afro, and having a hard time not remembering his childhood. Take a listen.

Be Still Kid - Everything Rad Podcast

I’ve known Michael since I was 13 years old and desperately wanted to start a band with like-minded people. At a time when all of our friends were trying to get drunk every weekend, we wanted to write music and do something that felt important to us. Looking back, even with the lack of formal success the band had, it’s still a win in my mind.

Michael is doing a new project, Be Still Kid, and we discuss this project and what it means to him at this current stage of his life. We end up talking about one track that is essentially his suicide note. Heavy stuff. But super important stuff that needs to be said and discussed.

And then, in typical Michael-and-Ricky-hanging-out fashion, we go on a tangent about Thursday. Thursday was one of the reasons Michael and I saw eye to eye on so many musical ideas. They are the reason I wanted to be in a band and that age and still do at this age.


Everything Rad Podcast #4 – Zach Miller of Casual Friday

Casual Friday Band

Everything Rad Podcast Episode #4: Zach Miller of Casual Friday

Casual Friday on Facebook

Casual Friday on Instagram

Casual Friday on Twitter

Zach Miller, lead singer and guitarist of Casual Friday, Skypes in a call with me to discuss what it was like growing up in Corona, CA. We also talk about the difficulties of trying to be a part of a specific music scene.

I’ve known Zach for quite a few years know and it’s been cool to see him get involved in the underground punk scene that’s developed over the last few years. I’ve seen him get super into bands like Touche Amore, Title Fight, and Balance and Composure and turn these influences into a unique sound for his bands Karoshi Boy and Casual Friday.

We discuss the punk rock taboo word of “networking” as well as our time playing Magic the Gathering and D&D on weekends.

We talk about the pop punk / power pop scene that seems to be taking over Southern California as a whole. To see how Casual Friday functions live, check out the following video of their performance at VHLS in Pomona, CA last Summer.

Check out the episode and let me know what you think of our conversation.

Everything Rad Podcast #3 – Nathan Ray

Everything Rad Episode #3 - Nathan Ray Music

For episode #3 of Everything Rad Podcast, I got to Skype in a conversation with one of my favorite musicians – Nathan Ray (Truth be told, I know him as Nate Penland, but I get it!).

We talked about his move to LA a few years back and what’s being happened since then. We discuss his experience performing on the streets of Santa Monica, meeting one of his favorite musicians – Mikey from Incubus, and getting spit on in the face while performing.

Take a listen to Episode #3 with Nathan Ray below:

Nathan Ray and I go back about a decade. We used to perform in a band called WestSideStory, based out of Corona, CA. It was some of the funnest years of my life and I’ll always think back to those years and smile. Smile at how determined we were and how little we knew of the industry.

To see how young and silly we were, you gotta watch this video below.

It was awesome to catch up with Nathan and see what he’s been up to since these wild days.

For more information on what Nathan Ray is up to, you can check him out at www.IAmNathanRay.com or follow him on Instagram @NathanRayMusic.

Ambient Music EP | All The Hard Ways

One of my goals for 2015 was to create an ambient music EP with a few noisy tunes created in my home studio. Home studio is just another fancy way of saying my second bedroom where my wife lets me store my music equipment and iMac. But I’ve been lucky enough to record some really cool projects in this studio, even if my wife was cooking dinner 10 feet on the other side of the wall.

So with that being said, I’m announcing that the very EP I recorded and finished by the end of the year (and I cut it close. Masters were sent back to me on New Years Eve) is finished and you can purchase it for $2.

But I want to give back to everyone who has supported me.

If you use the coupon code “makenoise” you will receive this EP for FREE. All I ask is that you share the fact that this is essentially free with a friend that’s into ambient music like Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, or Godspeed!.

It’s simple too. Just send them to this link: https://gumroad.com/l/allthehardways

You can even copy/paste that link into your social media feed for extra points!

I also thought it would be cool to give a bit of background on each tune and how I got some of the noisy effects. So here’s a bit of background.

All The Hard Ways - Ambient Music EP Album Cover Art

All The Hard Ways EP

Trust Me, I’m Lying – I rediscovered the Line 6 M9 earlier this year after having it sit on my shelf collecting dust. I love its reverbs and delays, but I would typically only use it for that. It took up quite a bit of space on my pedalboard, so in my early 2014 pedalboard update, it was taken off and set on a shelf, where it ultimately sat untouched for too long. I’ve talked about the way this song is structured, but it’s fun to note that the first layer sat recorded on my Line 6 M9 for a few days before I decided to come back to it.

All The Hard Ways – I spent the later half of 2014 playing a few dates with an artist named Tyrone Wells. We played Craps and that’s where the phrase “all the hard ways” comes from. Flash forward to the later half of 2015. I’m at a bachelor party in Vegas with some good friends. I come home and decide to do some final mixes of this song (EQ. Fades. Simple stuff). Had to come up with a title and had to go with this.

Somewhere Between Here & There – This is the actual recording that you’ll hear in the live looping on my YouTube Channel. I turned my amp off, left the room, but left my Line 6 M9 on…. just in case. I’m glad I did. What planned to be simple live looping session for my YouTube Channel turned into a song on this EP. I manipulated the original loop by utilizing the reverse and half speed feature to give it some cool sounds coming into the song and going out.

28 – I love Back to the Future. I’m also a fan of using movie quotes in my songs. It’s something I’ve done for years. I just turned 28 and that can be a scary thing. This was the final recording I did on my two week vacation from work in late December. I used a lap steel guitar to get this sound running into my pedalboard. No looping. 2 tracks.



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