Michael Estrada (Be Still Kid, The Vice Versa) sits down to discuss growing up in Horsetown, USA, President Bush, and his new project Be Still Kid. We also discuss Thursday in length, his afro, and having a hard time not remembering his childhood. Take a listen.

Be Still Kid - Everything Rad Podcast

I’ve known Michael since I was 13 years old and desperately wanted to start a band with like-minded people. At a time when all of our friends were trying to get drunk every weekend, we wanted to write music and do something that felt important to us. Looking back, even with the lack of formal success the band had, it’s still a win in my mind.

Michael is doing a new project, Be Still Kid, and we discuss this project and what it means to him at this current stage of his life. We end up talking about one track that is essentially his suicide note. Heavy stuff. But super important stuff that needs to be said and discussed.

And then, in typical Michael-and-Ricky-hanging-out fashion, we go on a tangent about Thursday. Thursday was one of the reasons Michael and I saw eye to eye on so many musical ideas. They are the reason I wanted to be in a band and that age and still do at this age.