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Everything Rad Podcast Episode #4: Zach Miller of Casual Friday

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Zach Miller, lead singer and guitarist of Casual Friday, Skypes in a call with me to discuss what it was like growing up in Corona, CA. We also talk about the difficulties of trying to be a part of a specific music scene.

I’ve known Zach for quite a few years know and it’s been cool to see him get involved in the underground punk scene that’s developed over the last few years. I’ve seen him get super into bands like Touche Amore, Title Fight, and Balance and Composure and turn these influences into a unique sound for his bands Karoshi Boy and Casual Friday.

We discuss the punk rock taboo word of “networking” as well as our time playing Magic the Gathering and D&D on weekends.

We talk about the pop punk / power pop scene that seems to be taking over Southern California as a whole. To see how Casual Friday functions live, check out the following video of their performance at VHLS in Pomona, CA last Summer.

Check out the episode and let me know what you think of our conversation.