I’m often approached by musicians and artists who want to know how to make the best of their Facebook presence. And they want to do so with minimal effort. After all, their focus is on creating music, not being a marketer. I personally believe that all musicians MUST be marketers in equal fashion, but until this happens, here are 3 techniques in marketing your band on Facebook

Marketing Your Band On Facebook

Utilize Your Call to Action

As of early in 2015, Facebook now allows you to utilize a “Call-to-Action” button on the top of your page. This is perfect for promoting your new album, pointing fans to a new video you’ve just released, or creating any easy-to-use contact/booking button for promotors/venues to get in touch with the right person. There are numerous call-to-action button options, but these are the 3 I’d personally stick with, considering they fit the “band” business model.

Marketing Your Band On Facebook

Above, you’ll notice that Facebook will prompt you to set up your call to action. While many fans of other industries don’t make business pages a destination (instead they rely on content in their news feed), I find that artists and musicians are different. I know I find myself curious to see what’s going on with a specific band. Because of this, these call to actions are even more important.

Many users are going to be searching on mobile. The call to action is a little more prominent on a mobile device (see below). Once again, this makes this button even more valuable when you want to point your fans in the direction of a new album, new video, or trying to get booking through your page.

Marketing Your Band On Facebook - Little Climbers

The best part? Facebook will report how your call to action button is performing in their reporting tools.

Create a Content Calendar

I live off my to-do list. If I didn’t have one, I would be helpless. It’s not that I’m lazy. It’s that I need something in front of me telling me what needs to be done. My brain tends to go in a million different directions, making it hard for me to naturally be able to prioritize. A content calendar is a to-do list for all of your Social Media activities.

Content calendars don’t need to be fancy. They don’t need to be laid out in an excel spreadsheet like you’d find upon searching for the phrase “content calendar examples.”


The above example is a great start for your band, although your band is going to want to post on weekends as well. When you fill this out, think to yourself: What topics do I want to talk about? How often do I want to blog about the latest news regarding the band?

For example, Mondays could be the day you give a special fan a shoutout. Tuesdays could be a day where you re-purpose old content (music videos, live fan videos, interviews). Wednesday could be a day you share a new album that’s inspiring you, where you ask your audience what they think of the new release. Thursday’s could be a #ThrowbackThursday post where you post early photos of the band. Do your followers have any photos they can share? Have them comment and share their photo as well. Engagement will help spread your post, exposing your content (and your band!) to a new audience.

You’ll also have content that comes up “on the fly.” These include shows you want to promote, new release information, etc. These can fit in as soon as the info comes out. The focus of a content calendar is to fill in those gaps so you have a consistent flow of content coming out to remind your fans that your active and to keep your band top of mind. This is key in marketing your band on Facebook.

Use Custom Audiences to Promote

Does your band have a budget? I’m not talking about a huge budget by any means, although if you had a huge budget you’re in good shape with this tip. Even a few bucks on Facebook can go a long way. But before you start promoting your Facebook content to the entire population of Facebook, you’ll want to consider creating Custom Audiences.

So what are Custom Audiences?

When you create an Facebook Ads account for your band, you’ll have the option to create audiences. When you’re in your Ads Manager, click on “Tools – Audiences.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.34.01 PM

When you click into the audiences tab, you’ll have the option to create audiences based on an extremely impressive set of criteria. Are you looking to promote a specific show in Riverside, CA? No need to target people in Chicago then! Create an audience for people who live in Riverside, CA and include up to a 25 miles radius. This will ensure that your limited budget is going to promoting an event to qualified and potential attendees.

How about if you want to promote your latest album? Go ahead and create an ad, but let’s talk about who you want to target it to. You can go ahead and choose your demographic. Think about someone who is extremely likely to purchase your album. What’s their age? Sex? Location? You’ll even have the ability to target them based on your current fan base (and friends of fans). Does your band pride itself in the fact that you can say “If you love ‘band x’ you’ll dig our new album”? Then go ahead and target fans of that particular band. Sound like it’s cheating? No, it’s not! These tools are essential in marketing your band on Facebook EFFECTIVELY. Chances are, those bands you look up that are doing big things are utilizing these tools.

For more information on Custom Audiences, I’m a HUGE fan of what’s going on over at AdEspresso. They put together some great guides that go into the nitty gritty of creating ads and custom audiences. I highly encourage you to check out the following: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences

I’m currently working on a longer ebook which will include more details on the above as well as a handful of other techniques to make the most of marketing your band on Facebook.

What has worked for you? Feel free to share your comments below!

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